Writer Blogger Brandyn CampbellBrandyn Campbell is a freelance writer and blogger living in Philadelphia. With an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a master’s degreeĀ  in Central and Eastern European studies, Brandyn spent the first part of her professional life involved in project management and international education.

Even while working in traditional office settings, Brandyn’s lifelong love of writing was ever-present, as she interviewed and wrote about musicians like The Roots and Monica McIntyre for B. Informed Magazine and kept her first blog via Myspace (*shudders*). Ultimately, her love of writing, sports and fashion and creation of Philly Sports Muse and The Sports Muse convinced the one-time journalism major to make a formal return to writing.

Mrs. Campbell lives with her husband Rod, who thoughtfully closes all of the windows in their home during Philadelphia Eagles games so as not to disrupt their neighbors. She loves laughing, reading, shopping and music. If football Sundays were followed by “What Not to Wear” and “Project Runway” Mondays, she’d be the happiest girl in the world.