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Versatility is Brandyn Campbell’s calling card.  A skilled storyteller and content strategist, her published work covers sports, business, innovation, education, real estate, fashion and law.


  • Author of the “Women’s World” column for the Philadelphia Eagles, offering a unique perspective on life, family, football and the experience of being an Eagles fan.
  • Work published outlets including the National Football League, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Magazine, FOX Sports, The DeSean Jackson Foundation, Complex Sports, Region’s Business, OCNN Report, Complex Sports, two. one. five. magazine, Region’s Business,
  • Coverage of Philadelphia’s vibrant startup scene, including a cover story on how such securing financing
  • Her blog  Philly Sports Muse,  is a featured sports blog of the Delaware County Times and was named a top ten resource for Eagles fans.
  • Speaker on networking and women in sports media

NFL Moms Give Their Best Advice to the Families of Soon-to-be Rookies


In just over one week, the lives of scores of young men will be transformed as they are drafted into the National Football League. It will be a culmination of the hard work and talent that drove them to become the best in the college ranks and soon, in professional football.

It’s an inspiring but stressful times for families. There are a host of changes before them, many of them a mystery. In the midst of it all, life must go on. This extraordinary event happens on top of the ordinary dealings of everyday life.  Parents of soon-to-be rookies arrange travel logistics to the draft, while working with their jobs to ensure they can take the time off to be there. Taken individually, the tasks are exciting signs of what is to come. Taken together, they can be almost too much to manage. More…

Launching Your Startup in Philadelphia

Academy of MusicThe road to starting a business begins with a dream. Whether practical or improbable, it’s a vision of what could be. Making the decision to translate an idea into an enterprise is a display of courage and confidence. Very soon, confusion will likely be added to that mix.

All you need now is to figure out where to actually start. We’ve been there, and we want to help.

The story of Philadelphia’s economic growth in recent years and its new spirit of innovation is a story that, by now, is well told. Philadelphia’s vibrant startup scene and technology sector—due in large part to the prominent Eds and Meds sector– is an oft-discussed topic. It’s a sign of the City’s re-emergence from its industrial past. Innovation, energy and entrepreneurship are the sexy side of the startup equation. The seedy underbelly? The tedium involved in pursuing the administrative details involved in getting a business off the ground. More…

Know Your Dough: Football & Financial Literacy


The financial challenges inherent in amassing wealth in a concentrated timeframe are a reality faced by all NFL athletes, regardless of the size of their contracts. Enter the NFL Player Engagement Personal Finance Bootcamp held on April 4 – 7 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to provide guidance. Current and former players have gathered to learn from financial experts, provided by event partners TD Ameritrade and the University of Miami, for straight talk and education on managing the rewards and difficulties that NFL wealth bestows. More…

A Family Affair: NFL Free Agency – The Jenkins’ Family Story

Morrisa Jenkins FamilyAs in life, change is the only constant in the National Football League. The days of a player remaining with one team for the duration of his career have come and gone. Never is that reality more apparent than during free agency.

Each spring, scores of players enter free agency. The uncertainty surrounding the designation can be a mixed blessing. It is an opportunity to see how much value an athlete has on the open market—a professional recalibration of sorts. However, it also presents a series of seemingly endless “what ifs” for players and their families. More…

Refitting to Revitalize: The Surge in Building Reuse in Philadelphia


Having at least a few green features is now the norm in new construction in the city of Philadelphia. Whether it is green roofs or elements or solar panels, sustainability in real estate is a significant trend. The city’s Greenworks initiative has helped make the greening of Philadelphia’s built environment a policy priority.

It’s also smart business. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, the two top reasons for building green are client demand and market demand: It’s what buyers want. In historic cities like Philadelphia, there are important ways that this desire can contribute to the city’s vitality and well-being. More…

Draft Day Best: 2016 Gold Carpet Preview

Dante Fowler NFL Draft Red Carpet

As the 2016 NFL Draft nears, mock draft mania is at its peak. Who will be the first overall pick, and how will the order fall from there? As the spotlight of the sports world falls upon the soon-to-be rookies, what statement will they choose to make as they walk the gold carpet at the Auditorium Theatre? More…

Women’s World: Missing In Coverage

Recently, I wrote about the experience of being in the Eagles press box at Lincoln Financial Field. Comprised of an array of online, print and broadcast journalists, a range of local and national media outlets who cover Eagles football have a front-and-center view of what unfolds each week on the field.

While looking around the press box and at its credentialed members that day, one thing stood out: There was a clear lack of diversity in those present. In particular, there were very few women in the room to cover the game. More…

Philadelphia’s Thriving Startup Scene: Find the Money Your Business Needs

The pitch used to market Philadelphia nationally and internationally is well-known: Its world-class universities and healthcare facilities, strategic location along the Northeast Corridor, thriving arts, restaurant and hospitality scene, beautiful and immensely walkable downtown, the largest urban park system in the world…The elements have been there for quite some time. But there was a lack of self-esteem surrounding the city and its residents in fully embracing Philadelphia’s potential. Finally, it seems that there is true buy-in within the city. Residents truly believe that the city is a great place to live and work and want to be here. And now, Philadelphia is a place that businesses want to be as well. More…

Evan Mathis On Twitter: “I’m Just Trying To Interact And Entertain”

For better or for worse, social media, particularly Twitter, has changed the way that sports news is reported, disseminated and even created.

This weekend alone featured three major stories relating to sports figures and Twitter: Colts owner Jim Irsay’s Twitter feud with ESPN’s Adam Schefter;
Lions CB Aaron Barry’s confrontational tweets to fans after Detroit’s loss to New Orleans; and Dallas Mavericks’ Delonte West’s perplexing Twitter meltdown.

When used correctly, social media can be a tremendous asset for teams and players to express themselves and deepen loyalty from their fanbase. Unfortunately, cases of heartwarming Twitter sports tales don’t tend to make headlines. More…

Matthew & Me: A new phase, a new season

matthewandmeOne year ago at this time, I was mother to a one-month old baby. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, but elated with my baby boy. And, I freely admit, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Even in the haze of the most significant life event I’d ever experienced as a backdrop, I could not wait for Eagles football.

The unpredictability of the journey of motherhood was like the collective uncertainty Philadelphia fans experienced at the dawn of the 2013 regular season about the Chip Kelly era. Enlivened by the new, innovative methods he brought to everything from nutrition to practices, we wondered exactly how his system would translate to the professional ranks. There was no doubt that Kelly was a force in college football, but could he bring those same results to the NFL? And how quickly? We were dying to get the season underway to find out. More…

Style Beyond Gameday

EaglesStyleLoungeThe NFL has made it no secret that it desires to connect with female fans. A key way it has gone about doing so has been through fashion. The league’s apparel line for women is highlighted in ads featuring celebrity football fans, showcasing fashionable clothes and accessories designed to appeal to the NFL’s female fanbase. The NFL has collaborated with Vogue and put on shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. Now, they are bringing a fresh, stylish fan experience to Lincoln Financial Field this weekend in the form of the Philadelphia Eagles Style Lounge.

Philly is one of only 10 markets selected to host an NFL Style Lounge, a pop-up boutique and entertainment experience. More…

Don’t See Race in Ferguson? Then You’re Part of America’s Race Problem. 

Like many, I’ve struggled to find a way to come to terms with the grand jury’s decision to not indict Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown. The known facts of the case paint a wildly inconsistent picture. Despite indignant claims to the contrary on both sides, none of us know what truly happened that August day in Ferguson, Missouri. Due to the grand jury’s decision for the case not to go to trial, we probably never will.

When an acquaintance indicated to me a desire to have an open, sincere discussion about the situation in Ferguson and its aftermath, I welcomed the opportunity for dialogue and reflection. I made the deliberate decision to speak honestly and emotionally in an attempt to break through the barriers so many of us have built — barriers that help us shield ourselves from alternate viewpoints about the case and its implications. More….

The ESPYs: Fashion Offense and Defense Awards

Demaryius+Thomas+2012+ESPY+Awards+Press+Room+-koInUuLWLPlSome of the biggest names in sports showed up to to the ESPY awards on Wednesday night. It’s always fun to get a peek at athletes’ style outside of uniform. Some, of course, do it better than others. Who picks up another award–a fashion defense–from the night, and who gets cited for an offense?

Demaryius Thomas: He shared the stage for a moment with former Broncos teammate Tim Tebow last night, but Thomas’ dapper outfit stole the spotlight. Thomas rocked a three-piece suit in monochromatic charcoal gray and black. The dramatic black lapel on the jacket played a major part in sealing the deal in making this look work. More…

DeSean Jackson’s mom discusses her impressions of the film and what it shows us about her superstar son

I had an opportunity to speak with Gayle Jackson, DeSean Jackson’s mother, after a private screening of the documentary “The Making of a Father’s Dream,” which was released on Father’s Day. How did it feel to relive such emotional moments in her family’s history, and for the world to be see such a different side of her NFL star son?

The film is the product of 18 years of footage taken by Byron Jackson, DeSean’s older brother, from when DeSean was just five years old through his time in the NFL. Byron joined up with Kip (producer) and Kern (director) Konwiser to shape the footage into the compelling story presented in “A Father’s Dream.” But in addition to their collective talents,  Mrs. Jackson believes that a higher power had a hand in bringing the film to life. More

Women’s World: Paint The Town Green

 Santa Claus showed himself to be an Eagles fan in 2013. Though it was a few days belated, he delivered the gift that every Philadelphian wanted more than anything. We must have been good boys and girls throughout the year, as he gave us our greatest wish: For the Eagles to beat Dallas and in doing so become the 2013 NFC Champions.

After seeing that game unfold, we thanked a Saint Nick of a different sort for bringing us the win and bringing even more joy to the holiday season. We enter 2014 with a wide, collective grin, because it’s still football season in Philadelphia! More…

Former HS Football Star Brian Banks Has Name Cleared After False Rape Accusation Ten Years Ago As a high school student, Brian Banks had big dreams for the rest of this life. He was a star middle linebacker with the Long Beach Polytechnic High School football team in California and his talent had attracted national attention. Schools like the University of Southern California, the University of Michigan, and The Ohio State University had all expressed interested in Banks. In fact, Banks had verbally agreed to a full scholarship at USC.

But then, in an instant, his college football dreams and hopes of eventually making it to the National Football League took a backseat to a more dire and pressing focus: The fight for his freedom. More…

It Takes a Real Man to Wear Pink Pants

It takes a real man to wear pink. Especially bright, Pepto Bismol pink. Or, perhaps it just takes a professional athlete who can beat and/or buy and sell you for trying to mock their color palette.
Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade showed up last week before Game 6 of the team’s series against the Indiana Pacers rocking pink pants, a white button-down shirt, and an accessory that Black Sports Online’s Robert Littal refers to as “a Wonder Woman cuff.” In truth, rather than a metallic gold bracelet the item appears to be a random piece of leather tied around Wade’s wrist.

Whatever floats your boat.

The color of the pants is a bold selection. I can’t say that I would recommend it to most other men, but Wade somehow pulls it off. I suppose that’s what having a 6’4, athletic frame will do for ya. More…

Philadelphia District Court at Center of NFL Concussion Lawsuit

Philadelphia will be front and center in the National Football League’s latest legal woes, this time relating to concussions and their continuing effects on players lives and well-being long after they have retired.

Over 300 lawsuits have so far been filed by former football players or their spouses. Four of these cases will be consolidated and heard in Philadelphia by Senior U.S. District Judge Anita B. Brody.

So far cases have been submitted by players in Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York and New Jersey. Attorney Larry Coben filed the first lawsuit in August on behalf of two-time Super Bowl winner Ed McMahon and six other individuals.

At the core of the issue is chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease that affects individuals who have experienced multiple head injuries and has in particular affected former NFL and NHL players. The suicide of former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson one year ago is a recent example of the tragedy that brain injuries sustained on the field have on the lives of players and their families long after their playing days are over. More...